ORYX Technology


Compressors are the main power consumers among other heat pump components. As a results, any improvement in the compressor performance will diffidently results in a better heat pump performance. This is why ORYX has implemented two new technologies that improve the compressor efficiency up to 27% more than a normal compressor can do.

HIGHER COP: Since both the total heating capacity is increase and the refrigerant enthalpy is increase as well this will lead to higher COP with the same input
Hot water Temperature: Normal Heat Pumps can produce hot water up to 55°C. with the implementation of ORYXEVI Scroll compressors, the hot water temperature can reach up to 65°C
High Efficiency: the High efficient Brushless DC Motor that is accompanied with a special design axial compliance has made our scroll compressors highly efficient and suitable for different kinds of heat pumps.
Hot water Reliability: Hot Water production requires long operational hours at high capacities and high compression ratios. ORYX compressors are designed and tested in such a way to comply with such hard task especially at low ambient temperatures.
Low Life Cycle cost: the simplicity of the ORYX heat pump design makes it an easy mission to maintain the system and operate it for longer life cycle than other conventional heat pumps. ORYX compressors simple design has lowered the moving parts contained in our compressors to less than 70% than other conventional compressors which lower the maintenance and operational cost
Silent Mode: The Implementation of shock absorbers and special bearing mounting make ORYX compressors not only to operate on Low vibrations but on silent mode