ORYX Technology

System features

ORYX offers the most reliable heat pumps with the most attractive system features to serve our clients’ needs at the best possible way!

  • Ecological : Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a, CFC free, low Co2 emission .
  • High Quality: Partnership with leaders in heating industry.
  • Wide product range: more than 50 product & system for different fields either residential, commercial or industrial. 
  • High Performance: products are compatible with most recent high standards of European regulations
  • Quality:  starts with ORYX optimized design.
  • Flexible: applicable to different application when ever heating, cooling of domestic hot water generate.
  • Safe & Reliable:  ORYX heat pump is provided with electrical protections safe failures, water proof enclosure & smart control system comfort and reliability.
  • Different cases different solutions: ORYX presents customized solutions to satisfy our client’s requirements.
  • Expert: Production over 35 years of heat technology experience.
  • Economical: ORYX heat pump best coast saving energy solutions with savings that can reach up to 80% compared to other heating systems