ORYX Technology

Comfort control

A very significant element that affects the heat pump performance is the way it is being managed! You might install two identical heat pumps under the same conditions in which one of them will satisfy your needs with lower running cost and other one will not. Well this is because of the invertor control technology being used by each of them.

At ORYX, our  invertor control system is derived based on the Neuro-Fuzzy logic stategy that optimizes power input without sacrificing our clients requirements. This energy mangement system(EMS) is considered as one of the most recent high efficient control technologies beacuse it merges Artifical Neural Network EMS and Fuzzy Logic Strategy EMS. The control system is trained considering the data of more than 108,000 heat pumps located at different areas of our universe to get the optimumperformance results based on the client requirements  without the effect of the other conditons such as the out side tempreature and humidity.

To implement this strategy, the Pulse With Modulation (PWM) signal technology is used as the connection between the inverter board and programmed optimization routine to futher increase the system reponse and efficiency.

PMW inverter-driver controls the compressorss rotational speed by adjusting the frequency accurately and effectively.