Safety is our concern

Safety is a top priority at ORYX . From early design stage till final operaton and maintenance stages, ORYX  takes care of any small detail to assure that both the equipment and user are safe!

Controls the water tempreature, anti-freeze protection, compressor timing, automatic starting sequnce alarm reset.
  • Controller communication error
  • Fuse failure display
  • Daily usage programing capability
  • Water tank temperature sensor
  • Low pressure cut off
  • No incoming water flow
  • High discharge pressure cut off
  • Memory for the last 30 errors occurred


  • Under / over voltage & current
  • Single phase, Phase missing / reversal
  • High discharge tempreature

Fan Motors

  • Healthy Status
  • High current


Heat Exchangers

  • Leakage detection
  • Premium Protection
  • Design with drain zone
  • Under/ Low voltage Protection
  • MBC/Fuse as standard
  • Compressor overload protector
  • Single Phasing / Phase missing & reversal protection