Environment & Sustainablty

ORYX believes that Small Things Matters! This is our vesion simply!

Saving the world

The massive increase of environment pollution and Global Warming phenomenon has put a huge responsibility on heat energy developers. At ORYX, we take this into account by producing a very low that can reach up to zero. CO2 emissions heat pumps. In addition, ORYX heat pump hybrid systems can be accompanied with other energy sources such as solar collectors to better enhance the system.


The world is moving towards sustainable energy sources and equipment that lower the dependence on fossil fuels and achieve highly energy-efficient systems. At ORYX heating technologies, we supply you with renewable energy resources that help you to cover your heating/ cooling requirements using free sources of energy and save your money!

Stay Efficient

ORYX heat pumps provide you with 100% efficient heat recovery with up to 80% free of charge. This is because we use natural resources such as air and water to drag your heat needs. Thanks to our nice nature that keeps heat for us. ORYX heat pumps can heat up to more than five times efficiently as traditional heating system can heat. Alongside their classic application as heat generators on cold days, they can also create a pleasant interior in summer by bringing refreshing cool air into the house.

Economical best Solution

ORYX heat pumps require a low installation cost with less system complexities and accessories. In addition, ORYX heat pumps require minimal maintenance cost as well with compared to other heating methodologies such as electric heaters. The EVI compressor technology adapted by ORYX heat pumps and the implementation of new inverter technology will optimize your energy consumption and lower your utility running cost. As a result, your ROI will be sooner than you ever expect!